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Goodwill Summer

Are You Ready for Summer?

By Thad Tichenor

It’s summertime in Seattle and we’re all high on vitamin D. And, why shouldn’t we be? We’re light weights when it comes to sunshine. The two short months that we call our summer season are, by most standards, partially cloudy and a bit nippy at times. So is it really a surprise that Northwesterners are a… Continue reading


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What Our Clients Say

Stanton & Everybody took our culture and the sense of who we are as a company, and told our story through the people that make us the most “real” insurance company, our enrollees. You kept it simple; kept the message clean and made sure that it was the right people telling Sterling's story.

Debbie Ahl, Sterling Health Plans

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There is a reason we have two ears and one mouth. Listening is the first step to understanding.

Understanding is the next step to effective, meaningful communications.

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